BGIN Block #1 Meeting
2020 Nov. 23 〜 2022 Nov. 25
Virtual Mumbai/India
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Who should attend?

  • Developers
  • Regulators
  • Business entities
  • Consumers
  • Civil society
  • Academia
  • And anyone interested in blockchain ecosystems!


Day 1 (6/29 Tue.)

Time Title Panels
12:00-13:00 Opening Plenary
Draft Code of Conduct
Draft Note Well
Presentation Slides
Welcome Remarks by local host
Opening Remarks by Prof. Matsuo
Introduction of BGIN and Block #1
Approval of tentative Process & IPR documents
Approval of acting co-chairs
Introduction of Day 2 (GWG / SGIP)
13:00-13:30 Tutorial Session 1: Blockchain based systems and a new order
Presentation Slides
Yuta Takanashi (Director for International Digital Strategy and Policy, Financial Services Agency Japan)
13:30-14:00 Tutorial Session 2: The Cathedral, the Bazaar, and the Central Park – Technical challenges in the DeFi ecosystem. Wouter Kampmann (Head of Engineering, Maker Foundation)
14:00-14:30 Tutorial Session 3 Aaron Wright (Clinical Professor of Law, Cardozo Law School; Director of Cardozo Blockchain Project)
14:30-15:00 Tutorial Session 4 Roman Pavlov (SafeStead Inc)

Day 2 (6/30 Wed.)

Time Title Panels
12:00-13:30 Governance WG Chair: Shigeya Suzuki and Aaron Wright
13:30-15:00 Study group on Identity, Privacy and Key Management Chair: Nat Sakimura and Katharina Pistor

Day 3 (7/1 Thu.)

Time Title Panels
12:00-12:30 Tutorial Session 5 Neil Woodfine (Blockstream)
12:30-13:00 Tutorial Session 6: Insights on Indian blockchain regulation and Chinese digital currency Tanvi Ratna (Founder & CEO Policy 4.0)
13:00-14:00 BGIN organization and roadmap
Discussion materials,Draft roadmap
Discussion on organizational issues
Communication tools and method
Liaison strategy
Administrative management
Presentation on roadmap and future items (Shin’ichiro)
14:00-15:00 Closing Plenary
Presentation slides
GWG (Co-chairs of GWG)
SGIP (Co-chairs of SGIP)
Others (Co-chairs of BGIN)
Introduction to Block2 / Call for host for Block3
Closing remarks by Prof. Matsuo

Call for Tutorial Speakers and Agenda Items

Call for Tutorial Speakers

On day 1 and day 3, to have common understandings and problem statements, there will be several tutorials from stakeholders. We call for tutorial speakers to present essential or emerging issues which need multi-stakeholder discussions. Please send us your proposal at mailing lists or Zulip channel by November 20..

Call for Agenda Items

Working group / Study group

We are now discussing BGIN’s governance and future work items on identity/privacy and key management. The current work items and documents are stored in our GitHub repository. During day 2, we will discuss these documents. Additionally, if you have any new agenda items for the working group and study group, please share your input at mailing lists or Zulip channel by November 20..

Future work items

On day 3, we will discuss the future work items which need discussion and document development by multi-stakeholders. We welcome any proposal for the future work items. Please share your input at mailing lists or Zulip channel by November 20.

Organizing and program committee

  • Julien Bringer (#2 local)
  • Joaquin Garcia (#2 local)
  • Shin’ichiro Matsuo
  • Jacob Ninan (local)
  • Katharina Pistor
  • Nat Sakimura
  • Mai Santamaria
  • Robert Schwentker
  • Manoj Kumar Singh (local)
  • Shailaja Singh (local)
  • Shigeya Suzuki
  • Ryosuke Ushida
  • Aaron Wright
  • Ayako Yamazaki
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