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Working Group and Study Group

Internal Governance Working Group (IGWG)

  • Co-Chairs:
    • Aaron Wright(Cardozo Law School)
    • Shigeya Suzuki( / Keio University / WIDE Project / BASE alliance)
  • The Governance WG aims at developing the governance mechanism of BGIN itself. It will discuss a variety of topics including its organization structure, IPR policy and fundraising policy.
  • Draft ToR of the WG is on the WG GitHub repository.
  • Subscribe to the WG mailing list to join the discussion.
  • Latest meeting agenda and minutes

IAM, Privacy and Key Management Study Group (SGIP)

  • Co-Chairs:
    • Nat Sakimura(OpenID Foundation)
    • Mitchell Travers(Partner, Soulbis Pty Ltd)
  • The goal of IAM, Privacy and Key Management Study Group (IPWG) is to provide guidance and good practice documents that describe
    • Identity (including keys) and Access management for access to crypto-currency exchange;
    • Identity (including keys) and Access management using Blockchain/DLT for Online resource access;
    • Privacy considerations to be taken into account for the above.
  • Both private and public sector use-cases are to be considered.
  • Draft ToR and Charter of the SG is on the GitHub repository.
  • Register for the mailing list to join the discussion.

Decentralized Treasury Working Group

Kintsugi Study Group

  • Chais:
    • Pindar Wong (VeriFi Ltd.)
  • In the context of recent financial innovations, the purpose of the group is to consider and address the ‘Twin Challenges’, namely:
  1. Define and Explore Challenges to Monetary Sovereignty and 2) Define and Explore Risks of Currency Substitution.

ByLaw Task force

Steering Committee

*You can find how to contribute to the WG/SG here. All BGIN documents can be found at our GitHub repository and active contributions are welcomed.