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6/29-7/1: BGIN Block #3 meeting (Virtual DC/NYC)

by Geoff-Livingston

Date / Time


Block #3 registration is now closed.

One conference zoom link for all three days will be emailed to participants beforehand.

Who should attend?

  • Developers
  • Regulators
  • Business entities
  • Consumers
  • Civil society
  • Academia
  • And anyone interested in blockchain ecosystems!

Agenda (in progress)

Day 1: Tuesday, June 29 * 15:00-18:00 UTC

15:00-16:00 Opening Plenary [BGIN Draft Code of Conduct] [BGIN Draft Note Well]
  • Opening Plenary
    • Opening Remarks by Mai Santamaria
    • Welcome from local hosts:
    • Reena Aggarwal, Robert E. McDonough Professor of Finance & Director, Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy
    • Aaron J. Wright, Professor Cardozo Law School; Co-Founder OpenLaw
    • Introducing BGIN by Shin’ichiro Matsuo, BGIN Acting Chair, Research Professor at Georgetown University
  • Reports and introduction of Day 2 sessions from BGIN Working Groups
    • Internal Governance Working Group:
    • Shigeya Suzuki, Project Professor, Keio University
    • IAM, Privacy & Key Management Working Group: Nat Sakimura, Chairman, OpenID Foundation [slides]
  • Report from BGIN Steering Committee: Shin’ichiro Matsuo
  • Report from Bylaws Task Force:
    • Dhan Iyer, Special Projects Director, SGPMCS
    • Bryan Cute, Principal, The Eastham Group
16:00-17:00 Invited talks on Future of Blockchain Development
  • Session chair: James J. Angel, Associate Professor at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • Business: Sarah Olsen, Head of Business Development for Onyx, JP Morgan
  • Regulator: Jonathan Fishman, Co-chair of FATF VACG (Virtual Assets Contact Group)
  • Engineer: Yehuda Jay Berg, CEO Protoblock, Lead Developer, Sidepit
17:00-18:00 Open discussion (Invited speakers as panelists + moderator + discussion with all attendees)
  • Presentation on BGIN’s contribution to FATF VACG by Shin’ichiro Matsuo, BGIN co-chair
  • Panel Moderator: James J. Angel, Associate Professor at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
  • Governance of permissionless blockchain: AML/KYC/Privacy and more
  • Panelists:
    • Claudio Levrini, CEO & Co-founder, Seven Labs
    • Ari Redbord, Head of Legal and Government Affairs, TRM Labs
    • Yuta Takanashi, Director for International Digital Strategy and Policy, Financial Services Agency - Japan
    • Dr. Ron Pol, Chief Executive,, Director, Team Factors
    • Julien Bringer, CEO, Kallistech

Day 2: Wednesday, June 30 * 15:00-18:00 UTC + 1 extra hour

15:00-16:30 Internal Governance Working Group (Chairs: Shigeya Suzuki and Aaron Wright)
  • Report on IGWG activities
  • Open discussion about on-going and new topics with all participants
16:30-18:00 IAM, Key Management and Privacy Working Group (Chair: Nat Sakimura)
18:00-19:00 Unconference sessions & social hour + brainstorming in multiple breakout rooms - proposals for topics are welcomed (please send email to organizers bgin-block3-admin @ )
  • Under Chatham House Rule
  • Day 1 participants voted for these three discussion topics - separate rooms will be dedicated for each:
    • Governance of Decentralized Exchanges
    • AML/KYC/Privacy issues (anti-money laundering/know your customer)
    • DID/SSI (decentralized identifiers/self-sovereign identities

Day 3: Thursday, July 1 * 15:00-18:00 UTC

15:00-15:30 Presentations from local blockchain community (2 speakers - 15 minutes each)
  • Session Chair: Michele Neitz, Professor of Law, Golden Gate University School of Law; Affiliated Scholar, LexLab at University of California, Hastings College of the Law
  • Ben Bartlett, Berkeley California City Councilmember
  • Michael Moro, CEO, Genesis
15:30-16:30 Panel: Institutionalization of cryptocurrency: Is it really ready? (topics tbd - 1 hour)
  • Moderator: Reena Aggarwal, Georgetown University, Robert E. McDonough Professor of Finance & Director, Center for Financial Markets and Policy
  • Financial institution: Luis Rodriguez, Director del Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica para El Salvador
  • Academia: Priya Sahu, Visiting Researcher at Center for Financial Markets and Policy, Georgetown University, MSB researching Fintech, Financial Inclusion and Integrity
  • Business: Michael Moro, CEO, Genesis
  • Civil society: Michael Peterson, Director, Bitcoin Beach El Salvador
  • Engineer: Sergej Kotliar, Founder and CEO, Bitrefill
16:30-17:15 BGIN Road map (45 minutes)
  • Administrative matters
  • Future roadmap
    • Potential work items
    • Potential new working groups and task forces
17:15-18:00 Closing Plenary (45 minutes)
  • Reports back from Working Groups
    • Internal Governance Working Groups: Shigeya Suzuki and Aaron Wright
    • IAM, Key Management and Privacy Working Group: Nat Sakimura
  • New activities
  • The next general meeting - Block #4: Fall 2021
  • Closing remarks by Mai Santamaria

Organizing and program committee (alphabetical order)

  • Reena Aggarwal (Co-chair)

  • Aaron J Wright (Co-chair)

  • James Angel

  • Eric Burger

  • Shin’ichiro Matsuo

  • Michele Benedetto Neitz

  • Nat Sakimura

  • Mai Santamaria

  • Robert Schwentker

  • Shigeya Suzuki

  • Ryosuke Ushida

  • Frederic de Vaulx

  • Ayako Yamazaki


  • Julien Bringer (Block #2 local co-chair)
  • Nii Quaynor (Block #4 local co-chair candidate)